*    Spring is the perfect time to give your system a cleanse! 

A cleanse is an opportunity to help bring your mind , body and soul back into alignment.

As Nature goes though a change of season, you are offered the perfect opportunity to help you reevaluate what foods , behaviours, information and energy feed and nourish you and which don’t .

So you can then release those and move into the next season aligned and filled with vitality.

A cleanse is a great way to reset your body . It can help improve digestion and energy levels and balance your hormones and help you feel mentally aligned and full of vitality.

I put together a little package that is focused on cleansing & nurturing you and reconnecting you with your body’s awareness and instinct.

The offer includes 3 x 1:1 sessions with me over 6 weeks

  1st Session one is 90 minute long Holistic Health Assessment .

  Here we will establish your personal conditions for health , including uncovering what you need to best nourish your mind, body and soul .I will look at your Human Design  as well as draw on my skills as Clinical  Nutritionist, Naturopath , Holistic Coach for this .

Based on this , I will recommend a cleansing/ detox diet for you , for the next four weeks. This  is completely tailored to you. Your personal needs and your Design and might also include non-food detox things such as undesirable habits.

Session 2 is 2 weeks later, it is a  60 min  mid-way check in .

Here we will tweak things and  work on any challenges that might have come up . I will also recommend a ritual for you .we also will dive deeper into your a human Design during this session.

Session 3 is a 60 minute session at the end  of the Cleanse .

this is our wrap up and moving forward session , with the aim to give you support to nurture yourself and help your new habits grow roots.

The package includes: Personalised Treatment plans with practical lifestyle recommendations, Individualised Diet advice, your Human Design chart, visualisations, breath work, Nature connection and rituals

Price for the offer is:$333.00 and all appointments are done via zoom or in person if you are  in  Agnes Water 

If this speaks to you, please send me  an email to [email protected].

The offer is ready to be claimed until 10/10/22 .

 I’m looking forward to going on this journey with you 

Much love