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What is Human Design?

Human design is a system that explain the mechanics of the maia. or in other words, it gives us instructions on how to play the game of life. Most importantly Human Design provides the manual of your avatar in this game of life. This is called your Body-graph, or your energetic blueprint.

Having your energetic blueprint, gives you the key to opening the door to the wisdom of your body. By becoming aware of the unique beauty of your energetic makeup, you learn to honour, understand and live in alignment with your natural tendency and ultimately fall in love with your uniqueness.

What can Human Design do for me?

Optimize physical health and emotional wellbeing.

Your Physical and mental health are deeply connected to the alignment of your vibrational body. Knowing your energetic blueprint allows you to bring your energetic body into alignment. When you are in alignment your body can function at its optimum, resulting in a greater sense of health and wellbeing on a physical as well as psychological level.

Deepen Self-awareness and cultivate self-love.

Understanding your energetic make allows you to uncover your unique beauty. It can help you discover your gifts, as well as embrace your shadows. You can gain insights about your skills, talents and true potential and purpose in life. All this not only deepens your self- awareness and self-love, and also allows you to be more compassionate with others.

Reconnect with the intuitive wisdom of your body

Human Design enables you to connect to your embodied awareness system. When you stop relying on your mind to make decisions and allow your inner guidance to lead. This means that you can navigate new circumstances and manage challenges as the most authentic and aligned version of yourself, which ultimately leads to improved choices in regard to health, relationships and general direction in life.

Understanding and Honouring your blueprint can help when you:


  • Feel stuck on your Health and wellness journey, despite trying your best.
  • Feel that you lack energy and vitality, but being told there is ‘nothing wrong.’
  • Feel a mentally overloaded and overwhelmed by life’s challenges.
  • Feel that your life is out of balance, but you don’t know to find it.
  • Feel out of touch with your intuition and your body’s needs.
  • Feel frustrated, resentful, and drained by your work and/or family life.
  • Lack confidence and feel at a loss regarding your soul’s purpose and direction in life.
Embodying your Blueprint:


  • Allows you to tap into your unique requirements to experience physical health and energetic alignment and improve your quality of life.
  • Connecting you to the unique intuitive guidance of your body, make decisions in an aligned way and manage challenges without overwhelm.
  • Deepens self-awareness and compassion towards yourself and others.
  • Helps you discover your gifts, as well as embrace your shadows.
  • Gives you insights about your skills, talents, and true potential.
  • Enables you to master your goal setting, manifestations and understand your purpose in life.
  • Improve communication and relationships with others.

Ready to embody your design and fall in love with who you truly are?


I created the Embodied Human Design journey, with the intention of opening a vortex, where you can uncover who you truly are. It is a place to hold space for your shadow patterns, to unravel conditioning, and to uncover your true magic, but most of all to fall in love with the wholeness of your being.

  • I believe that this six-week deep dive offers the perfect container to experiment with your Human Design. During the HD journey you get to not only see the beauty of your unique blueprint, you are given the opportunity to really lean into it, witness it, and embody it, and through this you get to experience the true radiance of your being.

Offer includes:

  • 3x sessions 1:1 (90minutes ) on zoom
  • An Embody your Design workbook , including your personalised chart and your unique requirements for health as well as practices and visualisation to help you embody your Design.
  • Email, or messenger support in between session simply book the first session and we will schedule the additional sessions together.

Just curious about your Human Design Blueprint ?

Single sessions are also available