What is Embodied Human Design?



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Understand your energetic make-up

You are unique and you need specific conditions to be healthy compared to others. When you are aligned to the flow of life on a physical, mental and soul level, vitality can freely flow through your entire being and you experience Complete Health.

Human Design brings together principles of astrology, the I Ching, the chakra system and quantum physics. By using your time and date of birth, it presents you with a map or manual of your unique, energetic body.  Understanding your energetic make up, can give you insights to how to best align your individual energy field to the flow of life. If you interact with others and the world around you in the way you are energetically designed to, vitality can flow freely through you. This  then leads to an improved sense of wellbeing on every level. Human Design also offers a way to put you in touch with your body’s inbuild intelligence. Tapping into this intelligence can help you make decisions that are more aligned with your inner truth.

Ultimately, Human Design provides a framework of aligning your unique energy field to the flow of life, while allowing you to be guided by your heart, rather than your mind. Human Design really is an embodied experience, it is turning away from your mind and towards your body for guidance. Developing a mental awareness of your Design is an important start, but essentially you are asked you to connect to the wisdom of your body . I believe that to truly understand your energetic Design, it has to be felt. I will provide you with information for your mind to contemplate, as well as practices to engage your body in.  My goal is, for you to not only understand but to truly embody your Design .

I believe that deepening your connection to Nature, will not only strengthen the flow of vital force through your being, but it also enhances your awareness of your energetic Design. The tools and practices I am providing, have a strong focus on connecting your energetic body to Nature and the elements. My intention is, that this will help align you with your natural flow state, improve your connection to your inner guidance, as well as enable you to truly experience an embodied connection to your energetic Design .

What can Human Design do for me?

You are the mystery of life itself.  Learning about your Design, is not about solving this mystery or taking away from the magic that you are. The aim is, to give you a manual to the vehicle of your soul. My hope is, that once you understand how you work on a vibrational level, you can step even further into living a soulful life. My intention is, that engaging with this information, will make you fall in love with the magic and the mystery that is you.

By understanding your energetic body and by honouring its unique needs, you can cultivate self-awareness and self-love. It also allows you to view others with more compassion.

On a practical level, understanding your energetic make up not only deepens self-awareness, it can help you discover your gifts, as well as embrace your shadows. You can gain insights about your skills, talents and true potential.  This can be used to help you with goal setting, manifestations and purpose in life. 

Connecting to your inner guidance system can aid your decision-making process, which can lead to improved choices in regards to relationships, career or general direction in life.

 My aim is for you to understand and embody your energetic Design,  so you can experience the flow of vitality nourish your being and that this will lead to an improved sense of wellbeing and a life that feels more aligned with your soul. I hope that by understanding the unique beauty of your energetic body, you can not only become more self-aware but that you can truly love yourself.

What happens during an Embodied Human Design session?

By providing me with your time, date and place of birth. I will generate your own unique Bodygraph, the map of your energetic body. During the consultation we will discuss the properties of your unique energetic make up and how you are designed to interact with others and  the world around you.

We can explore your design in general, or with a specific challenge you might be experiencing in mind.  During our session we will discuss things like : Your Type and unique flow-state ( strategy) your inner guidance ( authority), the function of your energy centres and your Profile.  Deeper aspects of your Design, such as your energetic wiring, channels and gates, or incarnation cross/Gene key Activation Sequence would usually be discussed in separate sessions.

 I will provide you with an advanced copy of your personalises Bodygraph, as well as specific tool and practices to help integrate the information, into your daily life.