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Welcome to The Soul Space

My intention is to offer a place where you can embrace physical wellbeing and energetic alignment and fall in love with who you truly are.

I believe that we are all navigating a chaotic area, and it is easy to feel overwhelmed by life, and lose touch with what you need to feel vital and fulfilled.

My offerings are here to nourish and realign all three layers of your being. So you can reclaim the sacred balance within you, and become, and stay, aligned and vital.

Healthy Body

Heal the body

Unlock your body’s natural ability to heal to embrace complete health and vitality. 

Healthy Mind

Feed the mind

Find clarity and discover your true genius.

Feed the Soul

Nurture the soul

Connect with your inner wisdom and embark on a journey guided by your soul.


Through my skills as a Naturopath. I help uncover your body’s unique requirements for health, and identify what causes imbalances within your Body. I then offer treatments to support your body’s inbuild healing intelligence, so you can come into alignment with the most vital version of yourself.

Energetic (Mental & Emotional)

Through your Human Design chart, we will explore what you need to experience energetic alignment. When you are energetically aligned, your body functions at its optimum, resulting in a greater sense of well-being on both a physical and a psychological level. Understanding your energetic make-up allows you to gain insights about your skills, talents and true potential and purpose in life. All this not only deepens your self-awareness and self-love, it also allows you to be more compassionate with others.


Through earth-honouring and shamanic wisdom, we reopen the connection between Nature and your soul. I believe that you ARE Nature, and for you to experience true health and alignment, you need to reclaim your connection with Nature. This enables you to recalibrate and return to balance, offering profound healing not only for you, but also others, and the world around you.

Are you ready to come on the journey to embrace vitality, and soul alignment?

I believe health is a journey, rather than a destination. It is my privilege to guide you along this journey, So you can reclaim wellbeing, and play the game of life to your advantage, in alignment with your soul.

I believe that you are truly unique. So, all advice, tools and treatments that I suggest are tailored just for you.

About Ruth


I’m a bachelor degree-trained Naturopath and Nutritionist. I have been in clinical practice for well over a decade and I have also spent many years as a lecturer in the field, but I see my current role as one of a Holistic Mentor and Soul Catalyst.

My aim is to catalyse true transformation within my clients, and it is a privilege to guide them to experience wellbeing not only on a physical, but also psychological and soul level. I draw not only on my skills as a Naturopath , but also use Human Design & Gene Keys, yogic and shamanic healing practices, and earth-based wisdom, to support my clients.

I have been practising yoga for almost 20 years and I am a qualified yoga teacher, which has brought me in touch with the wisdom of my body. I believe that the Body and the Breath are the keys to experience Health and Alignment, and I am passionate about teaching my clients to tap into the wisdom of their body and hone their embodied awareness.

My Human Design is a 5/1 emotional Manifestor and having the opportunity to embody this, has been absolutely life changing for me! Human Design is deeply transformational and helping others embody their Design and experience the true radiance of their being, is a
joy and a privilege. I identify as a wild mystic and Bush-witch. I feel a deep kinship with Nature, and, I have been practicing the old earth-honouring ways for over 20 years, and I also trained as a shamanic healer. I’m passionate about helping others remember their soul connection with the land, as I believe that this deep bond with Nature, is the foundation to experiencing wellbeing and alignment, and is deeply healing for us humans and the earth.

I am a mother, which is one of the greatest privileges as well as challenges in my life and I am passionate about supporting mother at any stage of motherhood, as I believe that this will improve the well-being of the whole family

Ready to embrace
true vitality?

It is my greatest honour and joy to help you return to the sacred balance within.

Connect with me, so we can explore how I can best support you.


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