My journey with Human Design
I was dedicated to live guided by my soul, rather than let your mind run the show, and when I stumbled  in Human Design, it  offered me a method to tap into my inner guidance system.
Furthermore, Human  Design offered me the map of my energetic body! Which to me was the missing link ! The core focus in my practice as a Naturopath is to support and stimulate the flow of the vital force, though a being , and knowing my own and another beings energetic blueprint , helped me understand what specific requirements are needed for the the vital force to flow freely though one’s energetic body,  to experience physically and emotional well-being.
I’m now on the 4th year of my Human Design experiment , and to be honest  it has been a wild ride! I have grown in ways that have been both magically and painful.
My external life looks nothing like it did before meeting Human Design, and I feel like I have changed in a way that both shattered me, yet has awoken who I truly am.
All of this is neither comfortable nor easy for me, and honestly,  I often feel pretty scared…
but there is  also so much I have learned on this path :
✨I have learned about my unique energetic flow state and as a result my physical body feels learner, stronger and more vital.
✨I have learned to embrace the experience, rather than trying to force an outcome.
✨I have learned to be with my emotions rather than rationalise them away, or blame them on other people or situations.
✨I have learned to listen to my body rather than forcing her into a certain direction.
✨I have learned to trust my inner guidance , and this has taught me to soften deeply into the wisdom of my body.
Human Design has allowed me to experience how it feels to live in soul alignment. And that  makes the journey worth it , despite all the challenges, the shattering and all the cliffs I had to jump from .
Much love
Ruth ?✨