Human Design has been is a huge part of my personal journey and an absolute game changer when working with my clients .

As a Naturopath my main focus is to support your  innate healing ability,  by support the flow of vital force though your system.

Human Design gives me
gives me the blueprint of your energetic body . This is called your Body-graph.

Understanding the unique needs of your energetic body, allows me to see what is needed for the vital force to flow freely though your system.  Which leads to improved physical health as well as emotional well-being.

Knowing your energetic blueprint also allows you to play the game of life in a more efficient and aligned way.

 Embodying your Human Design can also help you to,

*Discover your gifts, as well as embrace your shadows.

*Give you insights about your skills, talents and true potential.

*Master your goal setting, manifestations and understand your purpose in life.

*Improve communication and relationships with others .

At its core Human Design helps you  find, embrace and love the real you , while it offers a way to tap into your body’s internal guidance system, rather than let your mind run the show.

I have been doing quite a lot of Human Design readings and I’m really loving it !

Every chart I get to run  is beautiful to me, brimming with power and potential 
But , I think the true magic lies not only in just knowing your Human Design,  but embodying it .

So, I have decided to add my 3-session Embody-your Design-journey  to my permanent offers 

The offer includes:

*️3 sessions 1:1 (60-90minutes ) on zoom, to give us plenty of time to explore your Design .
Plus email, or messenger support in between sessions.

*️An Embody your Design workbook , including your personalised chart and your unique requirements for health as well as practices and visualisation to help you embody your Design .

price $333.00l

If this speaks to you , Send me an email [email protected] or book though the link .

I can’t wait to go in this journey with you 

Much love