Plant Allies for the Apocalypse 
I would like to introduce you to my favourite plant allies who I have come to love as a herbalist.
With a bit of tongue and cheek , I named these’ Plant Allies for the Apocalypse.’ Because these plant Allies are a bunch of powerful badasses, and I feel blessed to have them on my side , now and most certainly during the Apocalypse .
And there is nobody better to start of with then Dandelion ( Taraxacum officinale).
Dandelion means lion’s tooth and this plant definitely has lion energy.
Dandelion is a traditional spring tonic, high in minerals especially potassium. Dandelion is also one of the best herbal depuratives, or blood cleansers.
Dandelion root improves elimination of waste via the liver , gallbladder and the bowls, as well as to aid the production of digestive secretions.
Dandelion leaf is a powerful herbal diuretic and helps to improve the clearance of waste via the kidneys.
In short, the little lion helps us let go of the things we no longer need, while encouraging us to absorb and harness the things we do . I believe this to be true on a physical as well as energetic level.
Energetically, This is a bold little plant is a true radical , who grows wherever they please.
Dandelion shows us that we don’t need anybody’s approval but urges us to connect to our own uniqueness and unapologetically share it with the world.
The little lion encourages us to question the status quo and offers us strength when moving through challenges in life.
Dandelion root can be drunk as a tea and if roasted it also makes a great coffee substitute.
The leafs can be eaten as bitter greens in salad to stimulate digestion. Or also drunk as a tea to help elimination of waste via the kidneys .
Dandelion flowers are high in antioxidants and also have analgesic properties . They can be eaten, or infused in oil and that then can be rubbed on sore muscles or joints .
So , I invite you to connect with this powerful little badass! And allow the little lion’s rebel spirit into your heart .
Here is a recipe for my favourite Cleansing tea .
The tea contains :
? Dandelion ( Taraxacum officinale) root, as a bowl, liver and gallbladder cleanser .
?Nettle leaf ( Urtica dioica) which is not only packed full of nutrients, this herb is also a powerful cleanser of lymph and blood .
?Fennel seeds (Foeniculum vulgare) which stimulates digestion and reduces bloating
?Ginger ( Zingiber officinale) which is a powerful anti-inflammatory and stimulates circulation.
All of these herbs work together to encourage elimination of waste within the body and encouraging absorption of nutrients.
1tsp dried Dandelion root
1tsp of dried nettle leaf
1tsp of dried fennel seeds
1tsp of fresh ginger root grated
Place all ingredients, into a small tea pot and top with boiling water and let steep for 5 minutes
Add lemon juice And honey for taste if desired and enjoy a beautiful cleansing and nurturing brew .
Much love !
Ruth ✨?