Plant Allies for the Apocalypse ??
Here is the next one of my favourite plant allies who I have come to love as a herbalist.
With a bit of tongue and cheek , I named these’ Plant Allies for the Apocalypse.’ Because these plant Allies are a bunch of powerful badasses, and I feel blessed to have them on my side , now and most certainly during the Apocalypse.
This next herb is a truely irrepressible badass! Let me introduce you to Cobbler’s Pegs ( Bidens pilosa).
This bold little plant is a common weed throughout Australia . Bidens is a nutritious wild food. High in minerals such as iron , calcium and magnesium and a particularly good source of plant protein . The leafs can be eaten raw as salad as well as cooked or sautéed.
Bidens is also a powerful plant medicine alley . This herb has the ability to regulate the immune system and is effective in the treatment of bacterial and fungal infections.
This herb alley is also a powerful anti inflammatory , who helps the skin as well as the mucous membranes in the digestive system to heal. Bidens is therefore be a great thelper for the treatment of infections within the digestive and respiratory system.
Furthermore, Biden’s has shown to be effective in the treatment of metabolic syndrome and type 2 diabetes .
The aerial parts of the plant can used fresh or dried and can be drunk as a tea or manufactured into a tincture . The herb can also be used topical as a wash for conjunctivitis or to treat wounds and skin infections.
Energetically, the little badass is here to teach us tenacity and perseverance. Their little barbs cling persistently to anything after all !
Connect with Bidens when you feel like giving up because things seem frustrating and difficult.
The irrepressible little weed will help you see things from a different angle and can help you focus on the experience rather than the outcome.
So , I invite you connect with this powerful little weed, because as you can see, Bidens has so much more to offer you than just little barbs stuck in your clothes.
Much love ,
Ruth ?✨