I’m excited to announce that thesoulspace.love is opening its doors in Agnes Water. So, I’m taking the opportunity to introduce myself.
If you are an Agnes Water local, please say hello!
My name is Ruth. I’m a bachelor degree-trained Naturopath and Nutritionist. I have been in clinical practice for over a decade and I have also spent many years as a lecturer in the field.
My primary focus as a Naturopath is to support and nourish your body’s ability to heal and experience wellbeing, not on a physical but also emotional and soul level. I have spent many years working alongside a holistic GP and I have experience in treating a wide range of health problems, but I have a special interest in women’s health and mental& emotional health.
I support my clients not only as a Naturopath but also as a Holistic Mentor and Soul catalyst. Here, I draw not only on my skills as a Naturopath and Nutritionist but also on my experience as a yoga & meditation teacher and flower essences practitioner. I also use life-coaching techniques, Human Design & Gene Keys, and embodied Nature to support my clients.
I believe that the Body and the Breath are the keys to experiencing Health and Alignment and I’m passionate about teaching my clients to tap into the wisdom of their bodies and hone their embodied awareness.
In the Human Design System, I’m a 5/1 Emotional Manifestor. Using Human Design when working with my clients has been a game changer and a catalyst for true transformation. It is such a privilege for me to help others embody their Design, so they can experience complete health and alignment.
I believe that a deep connection to Nature and the elements is the key to experiencing complete health and it is my aim is to help my clients remember their soul connection to Mother Nature.
I’m a mama to a gorgeous girl, a pet-mama to a large back cat and large black dog and I’m married to the most awesome man and I love them all dearly.?
So, that’s me.? Feel free to drop a comment and say Hi.
To work with me, please send me a message or book through the link on the right.
Sending you all so much love
Ruth ?✨