What is Embodied Health Coaching?



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Unlock the wisdom of your soul

Being truly healthy is to feel vital on a physical level, having mental clarity and emotional resilience, as well as a sense of purpose and belonging.  To experience Complete Health, you have to be aligned to the flow of life on a physical, emotional and soul level.

 My aim is to help you explore and establish the unique conditions, that you need to experience Complete health. I am here to help you identify any obstacles or shadow patterns, that might stop you from experiencing Complete Health.  

I draw on my skills as Naturopath, Nutritionist, Yoga and Flower-essence practitioner, as well as on Life-coaching techniques, Embodied Nature connection, Human Design and the Gene Keys. My aim is to help you establish, what foods and lifestyle choice will best nourish your body, as well as to  help you identify, embrace and transcend any shadow patters, so you can find metal clarity and emotional stability and align yourself with your true purpose.

I will provide you with practical suggestion, specific practices and techniques to help unlock the wisdom of your body and realign you to the flow of life, so you can experience Complete Health, on a physical, mental and soul level. I hope to inspire and empower you, to see your true magnificence and help you fall in love with who you truly are.

How do I know if Embodied Health Coaching is for me?

This is my most in-depth and holistic offering. It is a deep dive, where we will explore your unique conditions for health on a physical, mental, emotional and soul level and together we will develop a plan, so you can embody complete vitality on all of theses levels. As part of this journey, we will explore your goals and challenges, as well as your gifts and shadow patterns. This is deeply transformational work, that might take you to pretty edgy and dark place. However, ultimately this journey is here to catalyze your soul to truly shine. 

Before embarking on this journey with me, I offer a free Embodied Health Coaching Strategy session. During this session we will explore your main goals and challenges and determine what complete health looks like for you. The aim of this session is to determine if we are aligned to work together. Once you are clear that you want to work with me, I will put together an individualized program for you.

Please book your appointment at least one week ahead.  Once you book the appointment, I will send you a reflective mind, body & soul diary. You are invited to keep the diary until your appointment. Your reflections from the diary, will help highlight, your unique requirements for health, as well as any obstacles and challenges you are currently experiencing.

 To help realign you to a state of  embodied Wellbeing,  I will provide you with practical resources that are tailored to your unique individual needs. These include: Naturopathic and Nutritional prescriptions, embodied practices, practical recommendations and information, as well as visualizations, meditations, breathing techniques ( pranayama), affirmations, contemplations  and some witchy stuff ( if you dare) .